our code of honor:

We save our customers money!
Our #1 priority is the job that we are on.
We do what is right even when no one is looking.
We under promise and over deliver.
We perform miracles.
We play by the book.
We detest complaints.
We do not rest on our laurels.
We train our co-workers to be good as we are.
We believe that no one ever won an argument with a customer.
We believe the safe way is the right way.
We are Drug Free and proud of it!
We believe the best is yet to come.
Rhodes Retail
A Place For Everything and Everything in it's place
Isn’t that what store setup is really about? Welcome to
Rhodes Retail. To us store set up is not just a job, it’s our life.
Our company is big enough to offer complete store set up
services for numerous stores at a time but small enough to
offer the best. We’re dedicated. We take pride in our work
and it shows.